We have now run four workshops to collect data from practitioners, at:

  • Southern Cross Uni (Lismore) – a pilot, however producing useful data in itself
  • Queensland University of Technology (Gardens Point)
  • University of Queensland (St Lucia)
  • Griffith University (Mt Gravatt)

Altogether, workshop participants contributed over 1,000 practices which help form the foundation of the model… for example:

  • use of U-tube and video examples to demonstrate what teaching or link between theory and practice
  • real time engagement in lectures e.g. Clickers etc, paper planes, use of text messages to capture and display student thinking during lectures
  • lots of group work e.g. ‘speed-dating game’… One half of room gets ‘term’ or ‘concept’ other half of room has definition and have to turn around and find partner
  • “the anti depressant song”… lecturer made song about antidepressants to help students learn topic… went viral on U-tube, increased exam success
  • compulsory tutorials… tied in to quizzes 10% of final mark
  • early engagement of students… by week 2 they need to complete an online orientation “treasure hunt”
  • co-ordinated delivery of first year units, ensuring manageable assessment timetable
  • make every staff member of the uni do a course in intercultural communication
  • videos which feature international students talking about their experiences, eg “I could not hand in an assessment as I was sick so I…”
  • English support easily accessible and free
  • uniform template for 1st year websites to reduce student confusion
  • write to all students who have HD’s congratulating them on their performance
  • review and improve on current processes and procedures in relation to client services
  • first assignment first year to be early and relatively simple
  • show progression from first to third year, make links and demonstrate relevance of courses and content
  • invite senior students and first years to have breakfast so students think they will have friends
  • attend conferences and seminars to find out about practices in other institutions to adapt

Our job now is to group these into institutional processes.

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